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I can!

HJ Whitley was a remarkable man that was not imprisoned by his circumstances, his setbacks, his history or his mistakes, or even staggering defeats along the way. He was freed by his choices. By looking for the positive in every opportunity and by rejecting the belief that every down in life leads us only further downward, he gave himself the greatest power possible; the ability to move up despite the setbacks.

Bereavement, war, diseases, physical assault, stress did not stop him. If this reads like a random list from a nightmare of the very worst things that could happen to someone, that’s basically because it is. Researchers have discovered that these types of events can often spur one to positive growth. What type of growth could it be? After trauma people find they have enhanced personal strength and self-confidence, as well as a heightened appreciation for others.

Perhaps this is why HJ Whitley came up with the saying, “Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right. Be the one whose says you can!” He possessed such a positive outlook on life that his fellow businessmen coined this saying about him, “If life gives you lemons – make lemonade. HJ Whitley turned the lemon orchards of Hollywood into the film capital of the world.  The Whitley Heights sign the precursor to the Hollywood sign.