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Whitley’s Hollywood – What would it be without him?????

It was a chance meeting with David Horsley that changed the dynamics of the world. How did Whitley know that this Industry in its infancy would be so powerful? Others would try but Whitley was able to convince the majority of directors, producers and stars to settle in his new town Hollywood. On October 26, 2011 be sure to be part of this historic 100th anniversary of the first Hollywood Studio filming in Hollywood. The movie was filmed at the Whitley Estate on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Whitley Avenue.

If by chance you are unable make it to the event be sure to cast your vote for the 100 Stars for 100 Years celebration. Stars have been entertaining us for decades but who do you think is the best of the best. You’ve watch hours and hours of movies and now you are going to be given a chance to nominate your favorite stars of the century at https://thefatherofhollywood.com/top_100_stars.asp . It won’t be an easy job. Whitley would probably vote for his favorites Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Jean Harlow. It’s hard to compare them with Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.
Popular culture is epitomized in the movies. They sharply etch the nuisances of our culture. From toddlers to senior citizens we instantly recognize the images we view on the big screen: Charleston Heston, as miracle man who parted the Red Sea in Cecil B. DeMille.s Ten Commandments, Russell Crowe as the sword wielding Roman in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, and Harrison Ford who is fighting the evil emperor in George Lucus’s Star Wars. Even if you missed a few movies it is still likely that you will respond to advertisements and television shows that incorporate these characters. So when did Hollywood get it first studio?
A new and exciting era arrived in Hollywood in 1911 ushering in the movie industry. H J Whitley, the ”Father of Hollywood” had spent over a decade and millions of dollars developing Hollywood. The one thing it lacked was a viable industry for its resident. Whitley was fortunate to cross paths with David Horsley one day and suggested he lease the Blondeau Tavern on Sunset and Gower. To cement the deal he offered to let Horsley do a film test on his property. On October 26, 1911 Hollywood history was made. The Whitley’s orchard was used as a set. The movie was directed by David and William Horsley and Al Christie.
The next day they opened Nestor Motion Picture Company. By May 1912, a merger occurred in which David Horsley agreed to accept shares of stock in Universal as a payment for his business interests. Whitley being a wise business man work non-stop to entice the rest of the Film Industry into settling in one spot Hollywood.
So remember to nominate your favorite stars for the 100 Stars for 100 Years Celebration before October 26, 2011 at https://thefatherofhollywood.com/top_100_stars.asp. Hope to see you all at the celebration.