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Hotel Hollywood December 18, 1902

Drawing from an article: Charming Hollywood December 18,1902

Beautiful Hollywood

Mr. Whitley was the central figure, the moving force that accomplished results. Having known him intimately for 16 years, and what he has acomplished in other fields, his achievements in Hollywood are really no surprise to us.

Has it required much money to carry on this great work? Yes, a barrel of it. but in Mr. Whitley's understanding there is no "cheese-paring" or counting of cost. He has paid out many thousands of dollars for electric lighting the street of Hollywood, and recently, at great expense installed the first switch to light Wilcox avenue by the incandescent plan - a light suspended from each pole, to prove the utility and striking dffect. It makes a pretty scene. Now, Prospect avenue for several blocks west is illuminated in the ame manner and is evoking great praise.

It would be a great card if the entire town could be illuminated in the ame manner - a fairy-land in the foothills.

Article in the Westen Graphic by A. A. Bynon April 27th 1903